Welcome to the Sketch maps-view!

The map shows the site-specific audio works that were made for the Disobedient Buildings* project, at the Enerhaugen condominium in Oslo.

Navigating the map:

  • Play: press play on any track you'd like to hear. A marker will show your progress.
  • Choices: when you come to an intersection on the track you're listening to, you can choose to continue on that same track, or take a sidetrack. The intersection will be signaled with a knocking sound.
    If you don't make a choice, you'll automatically continue on your current track after 10 seconds.

* An interdisciplinary, multi-sited research project about housing, welfare and wellbeing based at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford. The Disobedient Buildings project explores how people today experience everyday life in aging blocks of flats.