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The ways

Sketch Maps: The tracks audible here form a network of sketch maps of places explored and paths walked. (View will be updated to a more complex form.)

Chronology: The tracks are sorted chronologically, on the date that they were finished.

Field Guide: The tracks are sorted in the form of a field guide - all the existing versions of a track are collected together.

Locations: The tracks are sorted on the place where they were finished.

Pitch: The tracks are sorted on their average pitch.


FEATURED TRACK: Torn Tracks #19 - Bergen (12-17 July 2019)

For Vestlandsutstillingen 2019, Huizing is developing 6 site specific sound pieces for exhibitions in Ålesund, Haugesund, Øystese, Stavanger, Førde and Bergen.

Between 12-17 July 2019, she went on a site visit to Bergen to explore and record material for a new sound piece, the last one of this series of six. Torn Tracks #19 - Bergen (12-17 July 2019) premiered on the opening of the Vestlands exhibition at Kunstgarasjen in Bergen, on the 10th of October.

"The experience of Huizing's visit to Bergen was very different than the other 5 ones, because she has lived in Bergen for several years. Because of this the work did not become an investigation of a new place, but experiencing a place anew, and memories of this place and previous Torn Tracks works that were made in Bergen were also incorporated into the eventual work."



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