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The ways

Sketch Maps: The tracks form a network of sketch maps of places explored and paths walked.
Currently contains works from a site-sensitive project at Enerhaugen and the 6 site-sensitive audio works Huizing made for Vestlandsutstillingen 2019.

Chronology: The tracks are sorted chronologically, on the date that they were finished.

Field Guide: The tracks are sorted in the form of a field guide: all the different versions of a track are grouped together.

Locations: The tracks are sorted based on where they were made and finished.

Pitch: The tracks are sorted on their average pitch.


FEATURED TRACKS: Torn Tracks #21-24: Disobedient Buildings

For the exhibition Disobedient Buildings at gallery Van Etten, Huizing has developed a series of site specific sound pieces at Enerhaugen.

Over the course of 2021, they've explored the Enerhaugen neighborhood both through their own research and taking the multidisciplinary, anthropological research 'Disobedient Buildings' as a starting point.

Disobedient Buildings is a multi-sited research project about housing, welfare and wellbeing based at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford. Enerhaugen is one of its research sites and with the participants' consent, Huizing has gotten acces to a selection of research materials as a starting point for this sound project.

The project has resulted in a series of sound works: Torn Tracks #21-24: Disobedient Buildings, which are accompanied by a booklet.

A spread from the booklet accompanying the sound works for Disobedient Buildings

Link to the Disobedient Buildings research
Link to gallery Van Etten



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